About Us



Hi, I'm Shannon - the owner, founder, creator, maker and everything else in between at Wicks & Archer HQ. Wicks & Archer was founded after I gave birth to my son, Archer at 27 weeks back in May 2020. I have always been a long time lover of home fragrances but being a new mum, and a new mum to an extremely premature baby; I was wary of hidden toxic chemicals in our home. So, I decided to learn how to create our own without all of the added nasties. I wanted to be confident in knowing exactly I was exposing our family too. 

Along the way, I learnt all about the technical side of chandelling and how to safely create candles. I fell in love with finding new fragrances, new Australian business suppliers, as well as creating and perfecting my own wax recipes. After a year of making them for myself, I decided it was time to share my love with you all - while still continuing to learn, explore new ideas and expand our ranges along the way. 

At Wicks & Archer, I want our brand to authentically show our values and that's why our products are made with naturally derived fragrance oils, non-toxic soy wax, are vegan friendly and cruelty free. I believe in doing our part at minimising the impact on our earth while being sustainable with our designs and packaging. All of our materials are sourced from Australian businesses who always share the same values as we do. Our products are all handmade with love by yours truely. I am proud to say that Wicks & Archer is solely a one woman run, owned and created. 


I want our Wicks & Archer products to be the fragrance that ties to all of your amazing memories - to instantly take you right back to that time in your life. Whether that be Christmas morning, the day you bring home your new baby..(or puppy), the smell of your first home or even that simply still moment in your life.

Let me help you create those memories.