Deluxe Melt Warmers

Deluxe Melt Warmers

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Our Tea Light Melt Warmers are the perfect companion to our Snap Melt Bars! Each piece is made out of hand blown glass. 

 Melt Capacity: Approximately 40g 

Burner Dimensions: 7.2cmx6cmx1.2cm 

Wax Melt Warmer Weight: 150g


Once tea light is lit inside of wax melter, please do not touch and keep out of reach from pets & children as the glass may become extremely hot. 

Always make sure to blow out your tea light candles once you have finished using your melt warmer. Never leave your melt warmer unattended or leave burning over long periods of time. 

Once you are ready to change your Snap Melt scent, simply blow out your tea light, allow the Melt Warmer to cool for a few minutes before placing a piece of paper towel in your wax and letting the paper towel absorb the remaining wax before disposing of it in the rubbish bin. Never pour wax down the sink.